Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I keep telling myself that I will post here often but u knw how life is ??? doesnt lets us relax. so today I thought I should finally write.
Past few days, in fact the past week was a depressing week for me. Somtimes some things happens in life which almost makes u feel as if its the end of the world !! But Alhamdulillah I am gifted with that ability to lift myself away from such drawbacks. And all credit goes to that Suprme POWER who is the most Powerful , Allah Subhana wa taala.
Alhamdulillah I am feeling a lot better these days but still somewhere behind my mind something goes on which says what now??? where will this path on which I am treading lead to ? such questions keep popping up. But i ve decided, que sera sera !!!! what ever will be, will be. The future is not our' s to see!!! que sera sera.
Sometimes some songs have such true and deep meaning right??? we realise it when we are in a particular situation.
I remmember this was a song which I heard in school when I was in 4th standard. I must have been about 8 or 9 yrs old then. How would I know what it meant then? But I knw it now !!
It really gives a sort of relief and comfort when we actually leave everything to time and dont bother about whats gonna happen next. Though its very difficult to achieve such sate of mind But once we decide it that way it fills us with a sort of ease and relief !!
At this I remmember a dialouge of a Hindi movie which says, kabhi kabhi Us Pr bhi chodna padta hai !! ( sometimes we Have to leave it to the Almighty) but i feel kabhi kabhi nahi , not only sometimes but always, if we leave it to Him, HE WILL TAKE CARE ! HE DEFINITELY WILL!!INSHALLAH!!!!

Keep well till next time and pls do keep those comments coming coz i am waiting !
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Tauqeer said...

Keep faith in HIM, inshAllah things will be ok....and ofcourse we all do that, don't we.... :)


inshallah I hope so too.

kaukaba said...

yeah nasreen.... "kabi kabi us par b chodna padta hai...." keep trust n faith in Him .. He z always thr fr us...wait n watch.....